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    Pastor Tamela Lucus

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    Tamela Lucus, Eds

    has written various books but only two of them have been published. Her first book is called “Pompi you are love” and her second one is “How I feel … On any given day: Picture book with words from my heart. She is a mother of nine, grandmother of six, preacher, teacher, singer, and songwriter of “When I was nothing, God loved me.”

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    1st ten to order will receive a free gift! Get your autographed copy today! Finding Joy in The Journey Book or Journal is $20 each plus S&H is $3.00. Please send a total of $23. Pompi is $18.99. How I feel on any given day is $8.

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  • Books

    Finding Joy In the Journey

    This devotional provides encouraging and inspirational words. They are biblical affirmations that are backed by scriptures.


    Finding Joy in the Journey Journal

    If you change your words you can change your life. God is bigger than any challenge you face.


    Pompi You Are Love

    This book takes you on a journey with Pomi. Pompi is in an abusive relationship. As Christians we struggle with staying or leaving! See what Pompi decides to do.  


    How I feel... On A Given Day

    Children's book: This book is about the days of the week. Read to kids during the day or right before bed to encourage learning.


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